Healthy Meals To Lose Weight Fast

The Big Question:

How do you lose weight? Well, on paper, the formula is actually quite simple: you need to eat less calories and move around enough so you burn more calories. When you achieve these two conditions, you lose weight. Why? Calories are needed to keep your body going. Your body is hungry for calories. They are the fuel for your body’s daily operations. If your body can’t get enough calories since you reduced your calorie intake by eating less or you are exercising more and otherwise burning more calories, your body starts burning up your body’s stored form of calories-your fat. That’s right, your body will start converting fat found throughout your body into the energy it needs for its daily operations. When this happens, you lose weight. If this continues to happen, you become trim, slim, and, with the right exercise, nice and toned. And it all sorts with reducing calorie intake or burning up more calories. The good news is that you don’t have to go on some sort of crash diet where you starve yourself. Instead, you can eat healthy meals to lose weight. These meals not only help you shed those pesky unwanted pounds, but they also have enough nutrients to keep you health. Here are just some example of food items you can include in healthy meals you can use to lose weight.

1. Brown Rice

A decent serving of brown rice runs around a quarter of a cup and this serving is enough for 4 grams of protein, 2 grams of fiber, and only introduces 170 calories to your system. The more dietary fiber you eat, the fuller you feel. You also feel full longer. The best way to enjoy brown rice is as a side dish, in soups and stews, or as a topping on rice salads. Best of all, enjoying a quarter cup of this tasty dish doesn’t set you back. It only costs around 18 cents based on a one-pound bag unit that usually costs around $1.75. One back is good for about 10 servings.

2. Multigrain or Whole Wheat Pasta

The great thing about this type of pasta is that it not only works well in helping you eat healthy meals to lose weight, it is also very versatile. You can enjoy this type of pasta either cold or hot. You can use it as part of a hot pasta meal or a cold appetizer (antipasto). It is also very economical. If you are looking to enjoy healthy meals to lose weight, you definitely need to include whole wheat pasta because a 2 ounce serving of this great item will only set you back around a quarter. Not too shabby considering that this amount of pasta packs 6 grams of healthy dietary fiber, 7 grams of much needed protein. You get all these benefits for only 200 calories.

3. Nonfat Yogurt (Greek style)

Versatile and yummy, nonfat Greek-style yogurt packs lots of flavor and is a solid part of any sensible plan to eat healthy meals to lose weight. This item can be mixed with smoothies, granola, fruit, and cereals. You can even enjoy it plain. A typical 6 to 8 ounce serving of nonfat yogurt only sets you back 89 cents. Oftentimes, this type of yogurt goes on sale and it is not uncommon to see it for sale at less than 50 cents. What’s its biggest draw? Not only is it yummy, but for very little calories (150 grams), you get a whopping 14 grams serving of protein. This is important when eating healthy meals to lose weight because such meals tend to be heavy on fiber but light on protein. Your body needs protein to product muscle tissue and maintain organ tissue.

4. Frozen Vegetables

If you are looking for a decent helping of dietary fiber with vitamins and nutrients, you can’t go wrong with frozen vegetables. Unlike fresh vegetables, they are more convenient to prepare and store. Frozen vegetables also form a solid part of any sensible plan to eat healthy meals to lose weight. They are not only nutritious, they don’t cost too much. A one cup serving typically comes in at around 25 cents. Frozen vegetables are great for stews, casseroles,and side dishes. How healthy are frozen vegetables? Well, typically, a one cup serving has 7% of your RDA of potassium, 8% for Vitamin C, and 115% of Vitamin A.

5. Russet Potato

Give the Russet Potato a hand. Seriously. This simply tuber not only can fill you up and make you feel fuller longer, it doesn’t pack that many calories. It also is light on the pocket book. How light? A medium to large baked Russet potato costs around 33 cents per item and around $3.99 a bag. Not too bad. Economical and healthy. You can use this tuber for baking, stews, casseroles, salads, and even sauted as breakfast potatoes. In terms of nutrition, this vegetable isn’t a slacker:you get 25% RDA for potassium, 10% for iron, 20% for Vitamin C, and a decent serving of fiber at 3 grams. You can literally eat a lot of potatoes (baked) until you’re full and never get as bloated with calories as you would with potato chips. It is also very hard to get tired of potatoes. They are very versatile. Avoid the temptation to fry them or boost their fat and calorie levels by slathering on sour cream or other dairy product on them. Enjoyed plain, baked potatoes are yummy but won’t make you fat.

The good news about losing weight is that it isn’t too complicated. You only need to watch what you eat and you need to get decent levels of physical activity daily. This doesn’t mean you have to run a marathon daily. You only need to do moderate physical activities daily. With the right focus on healthy meals to lose weight, you can get to you ideal weight sooner rather than later. It is all about being conscientious and conscious about what you eat. Make weight loss a lifestyle by focusing on the low cost healthy foods listed above.